• Guy: my dick is hard
  • Girl: to find
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Father, Father

One day I’ll come to realize that I’ll never be what you expected. 

One day I’ll move on and be happy knowing I never made you proud. 

One day I’ll laugh at all the stupid things you yelled at me for. 

But not today.

Today I whimper and cry under my breath as you pass me. 

Tomorrow I’ll hate you all the more for you never loving me. 

Next month I’ll jab at myself 72 more times than the last for not being the boy you wanted all along. 

One day though… One day I’ll grow numb, and care less about you than you ever cared for me. 

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It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart. Lauren Oliver, Delirium (via sad-plath)

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